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Alaminos and the 100 Islands National Park

Map of the Hundred Islands National Park, and Lucap Wharf

On the Road

Sual has the Forestside Restaurant, which is a welcome stop for refreshments, and well worth the visit for the views across the Gulf.

Lingayen Beach has an interesting exhibit of WW2 artifacts including tanks and airplanes, and displays taking you through the history of the Allied landings, second only to the Leyte landing.

Beyond Dagupan my personal relaxation point is San Fabian, where Siera Vista, & Lazy A beach resorts are located.

The beach is on a peninsula bounded by the sea on one side and the river on the other.  I like the river side where the White House, San Fabian Yacht Club (built out of a Vietnamese refugee boat), and Tropical Heat Resort are located.

Further down towards Damortis is the Windsurf  beach resort - friendly relaxing place to unwind.

Damortis is where the route joins the MacArthur Highway (from Manila to Ilocos Norte), and is famous for it's dried fish, which can be seen drying in the sun on wire racks on roadside stalls.

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