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Barrio Barretto

The first resort you come to as you enter the Barrio from Olongapo is the Arizona Hotel, with it’s in house sports bar Score!, Arizona Floating Bar, and Vasco’s Dive Shop.


On the opposite side of the Highway is The Coffee Shop, which has been serving coffee since Subic was a US Navy facility.


Barretto Beach Bar, Garden View Beach Resort, and Andok’s Lechon Manok follow with Cantina Mexicana adding some Tex-Mex flavour, part of Playa Papagayo which is a popular resort.


Doc's Hooya! is on the opposite side of the road, with General’s Command Post, Liberty Call, Suzuki Hotel, Toucan Pub, Bar Barretto, Club 20/20, now we come to the new location of the VFW - the Westpac Sailor VFW Post 11447, a great place for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and catching up with the local news. Next door on the upper floor above Barretto Massage Spa is the popular Cheap Charlie's bar.


Anbon Hotel is on the land side of the Highway, with “T” Rose - one of the original Barretto favourites just a short way up Ifugao Street


Next up are Vive’s Pizza, Voodoo Bar,  & Escape Bar.  By the Sea Resort, the establishment resort is next on the beach side offering all the comfort and facilities we have come to expect from them.


Sit ‘n Bull is just up Del Pilar Street - opposite the Bella Monte (formerly Marmont) Hotel - on the site of the original Subic V.F.W.


On the corner of Del Pilar and the National Highway are the Paradise Hotel, Angel Witch, Shooters, Club 1,Rum Jungle & Lollipop Bars, part of the Mo's Subic empire.


The old Geisha House, the new Tonga Lei Hotel, Bretto’s Deli, Foxhole Bar are up next with Mo's Steamboat Restaurant offering a great menu in the old Tom Dryden tradition.


Then we have Wet Spot Bar, Dryden’s Deli & Bergos Bar.


Back on the beach side we have another old favourite - Mango’s  - with Angeles' Bunny Ranch as the in-house bar.


Catwalk Bar is next on the land side with Emu Tavern, Beachside Bar, Down Under Bar, and the currently closed Bart’s Resort on the beach side.


Opposite comes Rosies Tavern, Johansson’s Lodge & Restaurant, then  Rascals Bar and The Pub.  The Office Bar, London Underground fish 'n chips restaurant, Flash Rat Bar, and the world famous Midnight Rambler pub/restaurant by the beach.

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