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It is hard to imagine, looking at how Clark is booming,  that this was made possible my the chain of events which led to the departure of the U.S. Military that made this possible


Clark's worst earthquake occurred at at 3:26 pm on July 16, 1990. It registered magnitude 7.6 centered about 80 miles northeast of the base.


In April 1991 pilots reported seeing smoke emanating from Mount Pinatubo, and by June it was clear that a major volcanic eruption was imminent. Evacuation of Clark AB began on June 10. The first "big" eruption hit June 12. On June 14, the base was drenched in a sea of ash, and the biggest eruption followed at 5:55 am on June 15 just as Typhoon Yunya was making its approach.


Now Clark International Airport hosts many international and local airlines, shortening the journey for international travellers heading north of  Manila.


The huge ex base now is a major destination for shopping, business, and relaxation.

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